How do I earn
$TFNFT tokens ?

Buy a Frenchie NFT or an Alpha Pug and store it in your wallet (must be not listed on marketplace). Get verified in the #verify-holders channel in our discord sever. That's it !

Distribution will happen every week on Sunday.
You need to keep your NFT in your wallet the full week to get your rewards. Different random snapshots will be taken along the week.

To see the official Token address on Solscan, click Here.

Circulating supply : 775,000 $TFNFT
DAO Value : 60 SOL

How does it work ?

The total supply is 10,000,000 $TFNFT.
The distribution has started on 17th February 2022.

• 90% of the supply can only be produced by staking The Frenchies NFTs or Alpha Pugs.
• 10% will be used by the team for marketing or incentives purposes.

Each Frenchies NFT stored in a wallet by a verified holder will generate 5 $TFNFT per day.

How can I use my $TFNFT tokens ?

• Bid on NFT auctions with $TFNFT
• Buy a lottery ticket to win some prizes (SOL, NFT)
• Get a WL and discount on the future collections
• More to come…

Purchase lottery tickets and try your luck to win some prizes ($SOL, NTFs, ...)

Use 400 $TFNFT and get the presale price on the next collection with a discount of 15%-20%
(It will depend on mint price)

Hold 3 Frenchies : use 1000 $TFNFT = airdrop of the next collection

For whales holders (10+ Frenchies) : use 2500 $TFNFT = 3 airdrops of the next collection

For Megalodon holders (25+ Frenchies) : use 5000 $TFNFT = 8 airdrops of the next collection

10% of the sales on the next collection will go to the DAO.
People who still have $TFNFT will get dividends in SOL.

How do I estimate my dividends?
(My $TFNFT Holdings*Dividends) / Circulating Supply

Dividends will depend on the funds raised on the next collection and the circulating supply of $TFNFT.

How do I know which is more profitable between using my $TFNFT to get discount on presale and airdrop OR using them to get dividends ?
We will make sure that the presale discount and airdrop will be more profitable.

What is TFNFT-DAO ?

As a community driven project, The Frenchies NFT have a community wallet funded by different mechanisms :
• 50% of Royalties from secondary market
• 10% sales of the next collection
• Collab with other project who give to the DAO
• Revenue from staking on marinade